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Introducing the ‘Your Tudor Day Out…’ Tour Guide Of Hampton Court
Enjoy your insider's guide to exploring some of the well-known - and not so well known - features of the Tudor palace, once a jewel in the crown of Henry VIII's great houses.
Time-travel just became a reality!
As lovers of Tudor history, visiting places associated with the period gives us a chance to connect in a completely unique way with our Tudor heroes and heroines. 'Your Tudor Day Out ... at Hampton Court Palace' is your insider's guide to unlocking the secrets of this awe-inspiring, Tudor building and getting up-close to the giants of the Tudor age.  

Hampton Court is surely at the top of any Tudorphile's travel itinerary. It is a unique time capsule, where you can draw back the veil of time and almost touch the Tudor court. This guide will take you on a tour of the royal apartments, drawing your attention to many of the features not so often mentioned in the guide books, including the location of Anne Boleyn's apartments before she became queen, Henry VIII's 'lost' bedchamber and the intriguing story of what once lay behind 3 blocked-up doorways.  

So, start planning your Tudor day out to Henry VIII's jewel in his architectural crown with this guide in hand and make sure you don't miss out on the hidden story of the palace!
Are you ready to connect with your Tudor heroes as never before?
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