Start Your Time Traveling Journey Through The Tudors!
Introducing The ‘Your Tudor Weekend Away…’ Tour Guide of Suffolk
Indulge in your own perfect Tudor-themed weekend away in the wonderful and historic county of Suffolk! This 25-page, full colour mini-guide is your ultimate companion to a fun-packed, fact-filled weekend adventure exploring three amazing locations, steeped in Tudor history: Framlingham Castle, Bury St Edmunds and Kentwell.
Time-travel just became a reality!
As lovers of Tudor history, visiting places associated with the period gives us a chance to connect in a completely unique way with our Tudor heroes and heroines.  

'Your Tudor Weekend Away ... in Suffolk' will be your personal time machine, allowing the centuries to melt away as you rediscover three amazing, historic sites in this beautiful county: Framlingham Castle and its association with Mary I; Bury St Edmunds, with its ruined abbey and close ties with Mary Tudor, the sister of Henry VIII, and finally, Kentwell in Long Melford, where authentic re-enactment allows you to get as close to what it was like to live like a Tudor as you will find anywhere in the world!  

Start planning an immersive weekend full of Tudor-themed learning and fun!
Are you ready to connect with your Tudor heroes as never before?
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