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Here at The Tudor Travel Guide, we are passionate about Tudor places and artefacts. Our mission is to be your visitor's companion to the houses, castles and manors of the sixteenth century and tell the stories of Tudor artefacts that have survived the test of time. 

Wherever you are in the world, we want you to be able to explore some of the most exciting and sumptuous places, steeped in Tudor history. So whether you are planning your travels or simply wanting to virtually time travel from the comfort of your favourite armchair, we are dedicated to producing films that will capture your imagination. You will regularly find new content posted on The Tudor Travel Guide's YouTube Channel; from Live Chats with well-known authors and historians to our A-Z of Tudor Places.

However, if you love the channel and you'd like more great content, you can now join my YouTube community, affectionately known as The Tudor Travel Guide's Time Travellers' Club. For more information on the levels of membership and the benefits that come with each level, check out the section below.

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• Early previews of all videos released to the main channel
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• The Tudor Travel Guide's most in-depth, on-location videos.
• Britology (a light-hearted look at English culture and customs)
• The Virtual Tour of Tudor London (Episodes 1-6 as they are released)
• Access to all my previous summit videos, including, 'The Field of Cloth of Gold: 500', 'The 1535 Virtual Progress' and 'The Rise and Fall of Cardinal Wolsey (see below for more details)
New content is added on a regular basis.Subscriptions may be cancelled by you at any time.
What's available at the Connoisseur Membership Level?
Take a peek at some of the content that awaits you as a valued member of The Time Travellers' Club at the Connoisseur's Level. This content is added to on a regular basis but here are some of the highlights so far!

COMING 1.1.2022

The Virtual Tour of Tudor London

The Virtual Tour of Tudor London is a six-part sequence of films exploring some of the most notable buildings in Tudor London. 

We start on the east of the city and move from location to location, travelling ever westwards, until we complete our journey at Hampton Court Palace. You will be taken on a memorable journey by your Tudor guide to visit six separate locations: Greenwich Palace, The Tower of London, The Church of St Bartholomew the Great, The Charterhouse, Westminster and Hampton Court Palace. 

Using green screen technology, we have crafted a journey into your imagination to retell the stories of six great institutions of Tudor London. These six videos are being released every month between October 2020 and March 2021.
The Field of Cloth of Gold: 500 Virtual Summit

You can access all seven-sessions from 2020's incredibly popular Field of Cloth of Gold:500 virtual summit, celebrating the 500th anniversary of the meeting between Francis I of France and Henry VIII of England

This summit was enjoyed by over 2000 people back in May 2020 and received glowing recommendations for the quality of the content.

As a member of The Time Travellers' Club at the Connassieur Level, you can enjoy access to interviews, talks and even a cookery demo from the likes of Professor Glenn Richardson, Tracy Borman, Professor Maria Heyward, Professor Charles Giry-Deloison, Brigitte Webster from, Natalie Grueninger from On the Tudor Trail and Sarah Morris (The Tudor Travel Guide)!
The 1535 Virtual Mini-Progress

The 1535 Virtual Mini-Progress was The Tudor Travel Guide's inaugural virtual summit which ran during the autumn of 2019.

My co-author of In the Footsteps of Anne Boleyn, Natalie Grueninger and I, recreated part of the historic 1535 progress which involved both King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. It was Anne's last summer on earth and saw several notable reformist courtiers and clergyman honoured by the king. It was also one of Henry's longest progress lasting from July until early October.

In this summit, Natalie and I chat together about the royal progress through Gloucestershire from Sudeley Castle to Tewkesbury, Gloucester, Leonard Stanley and Berkeley, concluding our progress at Thornbury Castle. 
The Story of Mary, Queen of Scots in Scotland

During 2020, Sarah headed north of the border to Scotland to follow in the footsteps of Mary, Queen of Scots. 

While her travels from Linlithgow Palace to Stirling Castle, across Edinburgh from Holyrood House to Edinburgh Castle were charted in her podcast, The Tudor Travel  & History Show, Sarah took time by the shores of Loch Leven to record a 25-minute video telling the story of Mary's time in Scotland.

Loch Leven was, of course, the place of Mary first imprisonment after her surrender at Carberry Hill. It was the place in which she miscarried twins and abdicated in favour of her infant son. It was both a beautiful and moving place and the perfect spot to ponder the dramatic life of this ill-fated queen.
The  Rise and Fall of Cardinal Wolsey

On 29 November 1530, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey died in disgrace at Leicester Abbey. From humble beginnings, through his fierce intellect, shrewd political instinct and diligence, Wolsey rose up through Tudor society from nowhere to become the most powerful and influential man in England as Henry VIII’s first minister.

Taking the administrative strain from the young king, Henry was freed to enjoy the finer pleasures of kingship. Wolsey's capability in serving Henry VIII brought him both wealth and status, while his power and closeness to the monarch garnered enemies from jealous contemporaries of noble birth. 

Wolsey remained beyond their reach until a certain young woman captured the king’s heart. Unable to bring about an annulment of Henry’s marriage to Katherine of Aragon in order to clear the way for Anne Boleyn to marry the king, Wolsey’s position was fatally undermined. Exiled firstly to York and the archepiscopal residence at Cawood, Cardinal Wolsey would eventually be arrested for treason, dying en route at Leicester Abbey on 29 November 1530.

Intellectual and capable…pompous and vain: whatever you think of him, Wolsey was an extraordinary statesman and was a leading patron of the arts in his day. In this virtual summit, we will unwrap Wolsey’s story and follow it from cradle to grave. Along the way, we will hear from Professor Glenn Richardson, Professor Catherine Fletcher, Jonathan Foyle and The Tudor Travel Guide as we will explore his early beginnings, his rise to power, his catastrophic involvement in the King’s Great Matter, his patronage of art and architecture, and finally his dramatic fall from grace. All this is exclusively available to Connaisseur members of the Time Travellers' Club .

COMING ON 1.1.2022: Power to Peasantry: The Art of Being a Woman in Tudor England

The Tudor Travel Guide’s third annual summit explores the nature and experience of being a woman in Tudor England. From royalty and the great aristocratic ladies of the land through to the mercantile classes, with the help of experts in their field, we will unpack many and varied aspects of the expectations places upon women at the time and how woman enacted – and even challenged – those expectations.

Suzannah Lipscombe sets the scene by describing the key stages in the life of a sixteenth century woman and the societal expectations that commonly shaped their everyday of experience. 

Rachel Delman is a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in the Department of History at York University. She works on the later medieval period, and specializes in women’s and gender history, material culture and the built environment. Emma Rutherford is an expert on miniatures and currently works for the Philip Mould Gallery in London. Emma will help us understand the use of portrait miniatures in the lives of aristocratic women and share with us the story of one extraordinary female limner of the day: Lavinia Teerlinc.

In the latter part of the summit, we will directly contrast the lives of women at different levels of society through the dress they wore and how they were able to express fashion of the day thanks to Jane Malcolm-Davies and Ninya Mikhaila, also known collectively as The Tudor Tailor. 

In the final film of the summit, Sarah time travels to Paycockes House in Essex, home to Thomas Paycocke, a wool merchant and his wife, Anne. Together we will draw back the veil of time and follow Anne Braxton, mistress of the house through an ordinary working day. Meet some of the characters of the day and immerse yourself in the past!